How To Find A Trustworthy Psychic


Anytime a person decides to wade into the world of unsubstantiated magic and para-normality, they are bound to get caught up in the question: “Is this real? Can I trust this?” While there are very few concrete ways to pin down psychic abilities as something grounded in science, we can still see that it is real. Psychic powers can be an amazing talent that manifests itself into a special person. With that said, in any fields that can prey on the gullible, there are frauds out there trying to scam good people out of their money. Fortunately there are a few ways to find trustworthy psychics.


It goes without saying that the industry of Psychics-for-hire is a service industry and as such there will be plenty of consumer reviews floating about. By doing some research you should be able to find a list of psychics that are consistently scoring great reviews and great press. If people felt that the psychic was pulling their chain, wasting their time, and stealing their money… They wouldn’t go back. So the first thing you should do is follow the suggestion of the crowd. A great psychic will come highly recommended.


psychic_stuffWhen it comes to actually sitting down with a psychic and performing the reading you should have an idea of what to expect. As no two people are the same, no two psychics are either, and you should be looking for more guidelines than actual procedures to be imitated. A trustworthy psychic will never, ever, offer you the world beyond your wildest reckoning. While the ability of a psychic is truly amazing, they are not God, they cannot offer you certain things. If a psychic offers to hook you up with potions, magic items, or techniques to bring a loved one back to life then you should know to leave immediately and demand a refund. They are robbing you and many other people that want to believe in their tales.


When you go to a psychic you should arrive at their door with the expectation to hold back information. A real psychic does not need to see your license, or know your birthday, or your address. Fraudulent psychics like to get their hands on this information so that they can cook up vague prophecies based on educated guesses. A true psychic need nothing more than your presence in order to initiate a quality reading. They will be able to guide you, not your information, through the process of delving into your psyche.


As you can see… In this sort of field there is a lot of room for kooks and criminals to take advantage of honest and trusting people. By knowing the signs of a criminal in Psychic clothing you will be able to sidestep their advances, save your cash, and find yourself in the parlor of a psychic who can truly offer you information beyond your own hands grasp.

An Introduction to Telepathy



Telepathy is the act of accessing the thoughts of another person through only the brain. No physical action or other means of communication such as verbal or written can be exchanged when engaged in telepathy. This form of communication is sometimes regarded as supernatural and fantasy, but many individuals around the world believe that telepathy works.

This introduction goes over types of telepathy and basic methods used in attempts to communicate in this unique manner.

Types of Telepathy

Different types of telepathy include mind-reading, back-and-forth mental communication between multiple people, and mind control.

telepathy500aMind-reading is limited to identifying another individual’s thoughts and exploring them. This is usually limited to knowing and understanding what the individual is thinking at that moment, but in some literature the mind-reader can explore everything in the victim’s mind, including but not limited to memories, planned actions, and current thoughts. In these cases in literature, victims can often develop the ability to shield themselves from mind-readers through thought defense systems. Mind-reading is perhaps the most common type of telepathy depicted in fictional literature and popular culture.

Back-and-forth mental communication between two or more people is a more complex form of telepathy. This describes a non-verbal, non-physical “conversation” that only occurs in the brains of the participants. Using nothing but their brain waves, mental communication is very useful for having a conversation with another nearby without anyone else knowing. Individuals need to be close to each other to read another’s mind. All participants must be able to read the mind of the other person(s) involved and have the restraint to limit themselves to the conversation alone. This type of telepathy should only be used among individuals who have a lot of trust in each other.

The last type of telepathy is mind control and is defined as not only reading the mind of an individual, but influencing their thoughts without their knowledge. Mind control is the most difficult kind of telepathy because not only do you have to read the victim’s mind without his knowledge, but you also need to convince him to engage in actions that he is convinced are under his control and originated from his own thought processes. Mind control makes individuals do things that they do not want to do; in popular fiction, villains often use mind control to manipulate cronies into carrying out ill will.

Methods of Telepathy

Some proponents of telepathy claim that individuals can develop the mental strength to communicate with others. They claim that mental strength and transcendental focus must be achieved in order to accomplish feats of telepathy. Meditation can be useful in learning how to clear your mind of all thoughts and then filling your entire mental capacity with one thought, one goal, one directive that you dearly want to complete. Suggestions to establish telepathic ability include focusing on the person whose mind you wish to read or communicate with.


This short article has described different types of telepathy and has laid out basic instructions on how one can flex his mental muscles and practice telepathy. If you are interested, different types of media such as books, tutorial videos, and internet websites purport to help individuals learn and understand the science.